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There are some works that we identify with at first sight. It happened when Telma discovered Ninhol's work, seeing much of her work on WEK in its color and in the accentuated contours.
After a few years of following each other's works, a collection of the portuguese jewellery brand WEK, illustrated by the brazilian artist Ninhol, finally appears.
Portugal and Brazil are thus found in a limited collection, with a lot of color and warmth.

Each necklace is accompanied by an A4 illustration, in praise of the women who inspire both artists.

We are going through an atypical period. At WEK we always privileged the contact with people, whom we wished to meet our pieces physically, through stores and people who represent us as well as we do.


These days, with countless events canceled, we thank everyone who remains on that side, and those who arrived now! Welcome!

We are working hard to be present online, from our home to yours. We will toast soon, together, to the return to our beautiful world. Stay safe!

A big hug,



wek X obi clothing

WEK is the jewellery brand of

 OBI Clothing SS20 campaign 

and it is now available at OBI's store

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