Short necklace with long tip knot


Run away or get stuck!

Barbed wire is about your commitment in all type of relationships. Full dedication in form of deep knots that never detach from each other and create a unique and protective layer... or don’t even try. Get away. Make or break.


Color | lemon yellow strings

Material | recycled PVC strings

Dimensions | interior perimeter 63 cm (make sure this size fits your head, the necklace has no lock)

Weight | 100 g

Barbed Wire 06

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Color: Lemon Yellow
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  • Barbed Wire necklace strings are as strong as sensitive. After use we suggest you to keep it rolled in the packaging or hanging on a hanger in the closet, to preserve the strings' shape. Do not leave it any way because after a while the strings may take on that shape.

    The strings are absorbent. After a few uses the necklace will get your perfume's fragrance. Your necklace will be unique!